UGC, privacy policy and cookies

The site you visit uses tracers (cookies), some of which are subject to your consent. Thus, the site is likely to access information already stored in your browser and add information. This section explains how and why these cookies are used, and also allows you to enable or disable the use of certain cookies.

What data are collected and why?

When you visit the site, cookies, server logs and other methods collect your data.

This data makes it possible to establish statistics on the use of the services, to optimize the site, to make targeted advertising, to debug for possible errors, to moderate the services efficiently, and in a general manner, are used to enable the proper functioning of the site.

The tracers used by the site fall into two categories:

  • strictly necessary cookies, which do not require your prior consent
  • other cookies subject to your prior consent.

Cookies exempted from prior consent

We use persistent cookies to improve the user experience. These cookies are kept on your computer even after closing your browser and reused during future visits to our site.

They do not collect personal data but only the choices made on the site. This is the case, for example, of the settings made for each CSS property, your preferences in the "browser prefixes", as well as the customizable appearance of the display block.

These tracers can not, technically, be disabled from the site. You can however oppose the use of these tracers, exclusively by setting your browser. This setting depends on the browser you use, but it is usually simple to perform: in principle, you can either activate a private browsing function or only prohibit or restrict tracers (cookies). Be careful, it may be that tracers have been registered on your device before setting your browser: in this case, erase your browsing history.

Cookies subject to your prior consent

We use these cookies for audience analysis and statistics purposes, and also for targeted advertising.

Regarding usage statistics, it is the "Google Analytics" service that takes care of it. For targeted advertising, it is "Google AdSense".

You can configure the use of these different cookies by clicking here