My recommendations

Discover in this section, the products and websites that I have chosen to promote, in order to best meet your expectations. Indeed, if you use my site is that you are, like myself, in the field of web design and digital marketing.

The websites presented below all have their specific utility for those who work in the web. I tried to describe in a few words each of them to explain why I chose them. The links presented are afilliation links, using them allows you to support my work :) .

1 - Fiverr : Freelance services Marketplace for business : Logo Design, SEO services...


Fiverr is one of the websites I use most often. It is a site gathering thousands of freelancers around the world in the field of digital marketing and the web. The services range from site development and debugging, to logo or business card design, illustrations, text translations, blog writing, SEO (backlinks buying, website optimisation) etc., most for prices between $10 and $100 .

Each major area (Graphic & Design / Development / Marketing etc) has several dozens of subcategories, each with several hundred proposals. For all that is Design, we can see all the previous freelance creations

The website to know absolutely when you are self-employed, or business leader, or more generally in the field of digital developpement !

2 - SemRush : Manage your SEO, your advertising, your content and your SMM, all with one app


SemRush is an application SEO / SEM (Search Engine Marketing / Optimization) very complete that retrieves information related to keywords, competitors and traffic volumes. So you can analyze your site and those of your competitors for everything related to SEO and sponsored.

It offers dozens of features related to SEO, here are some examples :

  • Site audit
  • Searching for keywords
  • Analyzing backlinks
  • Estimation of organic traffic
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Content optimization
  • Position tracking

The essential software when you are in the SEO business!

3 - Bluehost : web hosting


Bluehost is a well-known web host, that already hosts more than 2 million websites. It offers an intuitive and complete administration interface for managing its subscriptions, domain names and servers. It is for example possible at any time to upgrade its server by adding RAM or SSD disk space, to buy additional SSL certificates (the 1st one is included in all packs), to add additional domain names or to create subdomains etc.

It also provides tools to manage the creation and deployment of Wordpress websites in just a few clicks, making it the ideal platform for Wordpress developers.

Finally, it offers a guarantee "satisfied or refunded 30 days", which is significant.

4 - Creative Market : Online market for design by independent artists

Creative Market

Creative Market is an online platform where passionate artists from around the world sell their graphic creations. You can buy high quality digital design products for use in your personal or commercial projects.

For example, there are Wordpress themes, photos, illustrations, Facebook / Instagram / Twiter / Youtube page themes, 3d models, fonts and more.

Beautiful professional designs accessible to all!